Coronavirus Work From Home

Considerations when setting up work from home arrangements.

In accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 it is important to remember that allowing workers to work from home you are extending your workplace into the home environment that does not eliminate or remove your WHS Liabilities and Duty or Care to the worker to provide a safe place and safe system of work.

As such it is the employers responsibility to ensure
• The home based work site is a safe area to work;
• Systems of work undertaken in the home based work site are safe;
• Staff working from home are provided with appropriate training to enable them to perform their work safely; and,
• All incidents are investigated and hazards are adequately controlled.
• Ensure that a workplace assessment has been undertaken which should include but is not limited to the following items:

o Is there a working smoke detector?
o Is there an ergonomic chair and adequately sized work surfaces?
o Is a fire extinguisher readily available?
o Is a basic first aid kit easily accessible?
o Are exits from the work area clear and unobstructed?
o Are all electrical cords and appliances safely secured?
o Are there any tripping hazards?
o Are all floor coverings safe and non-slip?
o Are there appropriate handrails on any stairs?
o Is the lighting appropriate for the work being undertaken?
o Is there proper ventilation and adequate heating/cooling?





Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Considerations

Staff Responsibilities
• Adhere to all the companies safety policies and procedures;
• By agreement, provide authorised supervisor/staff or other approved parties with access to the home based worksite where necessary for matters such as WHS inspections and,
• Ensure the home based worksite complies with WHS requirements at all times.
• Report any health and safety risks in the home based worksite, and notify immediate supervisor of any work related accident, injury, illness or disease arising from home based work; and,
• Maintain a clear delineation of when they are working and when they are not working

Supervisor Responsibilities
• Ensure staff are properly aware of the relevant policies and procedures;
• Investigate any incidents in accordance with company WHS policy.


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