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Want to become certified fast with auditing certification?

At OCCSafe Australia, our team of experts can help you acquire auditing certification in:

✓ AS4801

✓ AS9001

✓ AS13001

Our team provides auditing services to help you manage your occupational health and safety, meet compliance requirements for quality management systems, and help you meet supplier self release training requirements.

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The AS4801 is the standard for occupational health and safety management. This helps your organisation minimise hazards and risks at work. Through systems, processes, policies, and objectives, injuries or illness in the workplace can be reduced. Regardless of your industry, whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, or professional services, your organisation can greatly benefit from this.


The AS9001 is Australia and New Zealand’s standard for quality assurance and management systems. Also known as the ISO 9001, this helps your organisation meet compliance requirements for your products and services. This enables you to maintain your brand, decrease defects and subsequent returns or complaints, and also minimise waste in providing good or services.


The AS13001 is the standard for supplier self release training requirements. This is to train DPRV personnel within the aerospace engine supply chain at all levels. As this is a recently updated title, you may also hear a different title called the supplier self release verification training. This certification enables you to ship products to consumers directly.

Why Choose OCCSafe for Auditing – Certification

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At OCCSafe, our team of professionals have 20+ years of experience and include Chartered OHS professionals. We cover a wide range of services and specialties including health and safety, development of programs, and more.

Our consultants are qualified and experienced, including SIA and Exemplar Global accredited. When you work with OccSafe Australia, you know you are choosing a qualified and cutting edge organisation, trained and constantly informed by Australia top institutions.

Do I need an audit?

Whether you work in retail, electrical, defence, manufacturing or construction, it is absolutely essential to be compliant with your relevant standards. At OCCSafe Australia can audit your workplace procedures to maximise your chances of receiving certification. This can greatly expedite the process and allow your organisation to perform more efficiently. Over the long run, this will help you save both time and money.

The OCCSafe Australia Process

OCCSafe Australia will begin with a pre-qualification audit to better understand your business. Our consultants will then visit your business to run tests and studies to provide you with a detailed report. Next, we’ll advise you on the steps to take to aid you in acquiring certification. Once these steps are developed, our consultants can also help you implement them.


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