Air Quality Monitoring

Asbestos is most dangerous when airborne therefore air quality monitoring is vitally important in many circumstances.

Whether it is leak monitoring during removals, personal monitoring for your staff, or putting minds at ease following the identification of asbestos-containing materials at your workplace, OccSafe Australia have the equipment and expertise to suit any situation.

Air Quality Monitoring Advice

We will advise on the best course of action, and because we are accredited for air monitoring for respirable asbestos fibres, you can be sure that our services come with honesty and integrity guaranteed.

Contact our team of highly qualified consultants to discuss how we can satisfy your air quality monitoring needs.

Exposure to asbestos can cause serious health concerns, ranging from cancer to asbestosis. This is why it is no longer used as a building material. When asbestos is discovered in your home or workplace, it can cause a lot of anxiety concerning air quality. We want you to have peace of mind that the air is safe to breathe, whether you are resident at home or spending the day at your workplace.


This is why OccSafe Australia offers qualified air quality monitoring, designed to test the air in a particular environment for respirable asbestos fibres. It is extremely important to test for asbestos to ensure that occupants are not exposed to this substance.


Silica Dust

Silica dust can put you at major risk of lung cancer, silicosis, kidney disease, and more. This is a common mineral (also known as quartz) that can be found in many construction sites. It can be found in materials such as soil, sand, concrete, granite, and masonry. 

Unlike most particles, these are extremely small. When you disturb at-risk material, crystalline silica particles can go airborne. Because of how small each particle is (100 times smaller than a grain of sand), it is very difficult to filter or even notice its presence.

How To Minimise Silica Dust Risk

If possible, substitute your materials you use with material which don’t contain as much silica. If this is not possible, you should completely isolate the material when working so the dust isn’t released. Additionally, personal protective equipment including at least a p2 efficiency half respirator and working clothes should be used.


Air Monitoring For Silica Dust in Brisbane

If you have a construction site in Brisbane and are worried that silica dust may be present, OCCSafe Australia can provide you with air quality monitoring services in Brisbane. 

Air monitoring will be conducted to determine the exposure levels of the site. This ensures your workers are not at risk of health hazards. 

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Keep your property and worksite safe

Asbestos can be extremely damaging if staff, workers or customers are exposed to it. It can mean cancer or asbestosis, and you may only see symptoms ten years after the exposure. Air quality monitoring will give you the power to prevent exposure to asbestos. We will monitor the environment and give you trusted advice on the best course of action, whether that be to close off certain areas or continue work or residence as normal.

OccSafe Australia has the knowledge at hand to complete a professional and expert air quality monitoring project with a full suite of services and assessments. We will handle your air quality monitoring with expertise, knowledge and professionalism.

Choose the best asbestos service to manage your air quality monitoring
At OccSafe you will find the most qualified individuals to manage your site or residential air quality monitoring. We have experience with a wide range of customers including residential, defence, construction and manufacturing. OccSafe can bring the necessary expertise and knowledge to ensure that your air quality monitoring complies with all accredited standards.

OccSafe Australia’s licensed assessors follow the latest health and safety legislation, ensuring you stay safe. Join us and you will be managed by the most qualified consultants available.


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