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At OCCSafe Australia we provide professional safety management and consultancy to Brisbane and surrounding areas. Our focus is to minimise risk in your workplace and ensure your organisation can operate smoothly.

Whether you’re located in Brendale, South Brisbane, or Sandgate, we can help you with asbestos surveying and management, safety management systems, consultancy and certification, manage accidents, and provide safety audits. 

At OCCSafe, our team of professionals have 20+ years of experience and include Chartered OHS professionals. We cover a wide range of services and specialties including health and safety, development of programs, and more.

Our consultants are qualified and experienced, including SIA and Exemplar Global accredited. When you work with OccSafe Australia, you know you are choosing a qualified and cutting edge organisation, trained and constantly informed by Australia top institutions.


Asbestos Assessor in Brisbane

Want to minimise your exposure to asbestos in Brisbane?

Asbestos can lead to cancer due to asbestosis. This is a major health hazard for any residents, family members, workers, and yourself. Even if you don’t notice any symptoms straight away, years or even decades down the track you can experience major health problems.

Asbestos in Brisbane

Asbestos can be found in many buildings built before 1980, especially in roof shingles, insulation, floor tiles, and pipe cement. Even if you’re living in a newer building in Brisbane, it is extremely important to survey for asbestos to ensure that occupants are not exposed to this substance.

At OCCSafe Australia we provide asbestos services in Brisbane, including:

Asbestos Surveys in Brisbane

OCCSafe Australia has 20+ years of experience dealing with asbestos in Brisbane and can conduct high-quality asbestos management, refurbishment, and demolition surveys to ensure the safety of every party involved and the proper removal of asbestos.

Asbestos Management Plans in Brisbane

Our team of professional consultants and asbestos specialists in Brisbane can devise an asbestos management plan made specially for your unique situation. OCCSafe Australia will take into account your needs and ensure your workplace is safe and that your business is compliant with asbestos legislation so you don’t have to worry about fines and legal action.

Brisbane Asbestos Removal Assessment

At OCCSafe Australia, our licenced asbestos assessors in Brisbane can conduct asbestos-related services including air quality testing and clearing inspections after a removal is made. We can also provide impartial and independent advice and consulting services in all asbestos removal related matters. If you need help in choosing the right asbestos removalist in Brisbane, our extensive network has been developed over 20+ years and we can find the best one for your situation.

Asbestos in Soil Brisbane

If your soil contains asbestos or you have a suspicion that it might, OCCSafe Australia can investigate your location’s soil and check for contamination. Our team of asbestos specialists will conduct detailed testing and advise you on the contamination status and the best strategy for removal if your soil is contaminated.

Brisbane Air Quality Monitoring

Following any asbestos removal in Brisbane, especially if there is risk of loose asbestos, air quality monitoring by a specialist is vital. Asbestos in the air is one of the most dangerous, as it gets inhaled easily and is difficult to notice. If you are concerned about the air quality at your home or business premises, OccSafe Australia can conduct air monitoring to investigate for the presence of airborne asbestos fibres.

OCCSafe Australia’s Asbestos Management Plans in Brisbane

While it’s not the role of your executives in your organisation to manage all the safety, especially when it comes to specialised asbestos management — it is in the organisation’s best interest to have this professionally dealt with.

Our Brisbane asbestos management experts can ensure your workplace follows the relevant workplace health and safety laws. 

Whether you’re located in South Brisbane, Brendale, or anywhere else nearby, our team of experts can provide you with a safety audit and devise an asbestos management plan for you.

The OCCSafe Australia Process

OCCSafe Australia will begin with a pre-qualification audit. Our Brisbane consultants will then visit your business to run tests and studies to provide you with a detailed report. Next, we’ll advise you on the steps to take to aid you in acquiring certification. Once these steps are developed, our consultants can also help you implement them.

Other Services We Offer

At OCCSafe Australia, we help Brisbane businesses with safety audits and specialise in asbestos hazards. However, we also provide auditing and certification services. With over 20+ years of experience and a team of Chartered OHS professionals, we can ensure you have the highest possible chance of acquiring your certifications.

In cases of accidents or other incidents, OCCSafe Australia offers accident and incident management services in Brisbane. During this process, our Brisbane workplace health and safety experts will investigate the situation to discover cause factors (such as system failure, breach of policy, and operator error), advise measures to prevent reoccurence, and highlight opportunities for improvement.

Brisbane’s #1. Safety Management Consultant

OCCSafe Australia is Brisbane’s go-to safety management consultant and training provider.

Our range of services include accredited training in Brisbane, asbestos in Brisbane, auditing in Brisbane, and more. At OCCSafe Australia, our priority is the safety of every party involved. We ensure that your organisation has minimised its risk for employees and team members. 

We are able to do this due to our careful preparations beforehand. Prior to the commencement of any work, there will be a detailed assessment conducted by professional, trained, and Brisbane safety consultants. This will be in accordance with all current legislation.

This means you can rest easy knowing your organisation is as safe as possible.

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